EPS records



Welcome Sourire  

At the start, Electronic Pure Sound is a militant association that aims to the emancipation of the underground electronic music. Our common influence lays in early techno & house music productions from detroit's musical pionneers.

For 8 years, EPS has been working on creation of events about this typical electronic culture. In 2008, EPS took a new step with the creation of a label "EPS records " followed by the first release EPS001 ALEVIA "First way EP".

EPS records is also a small group of friends passionate by analog hardwares and creations. Our main goal is to contribute like many label all around the world at to share our underground musical values to the people including Techno heads or those just discovering this musical culture.

We think that the techno music is expanding of hope. His diversity is its strength and we do not conceive the music as a commercial product, standardized and formated.